Efest H4 18650 Quad Battery Case
Efest H4 18650 Quad Battery Case

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No matter what type of device you prefer, if you're using rechargeable lithium ion batteries to power it (and you almost certainly are) - basic battery safety and handling techniques should be part of every day.

It doesn't take much effort to safely charge and transport batteries whereas the cost of just 'throwing a couple spares in your pocket' can be more than you want to pay.

For our part - we sell only high quality Li-ion batteries from reputable manufacturers. When we have concerns about a company's practices or processes - we stop selling their batteries.

We urge you to store your batteries safely - especially if you're carrying them on you. That means store them in such a way that the terminals (the 'ends') of the battery can not come into contact with metal objects; i.e. - loose change, pocket knives, money clips, your lucky hand grenade, etc.

You can keep them in the convenient individual box they come in or a Ziplock bag or a Fabergé egg - just don't carry them loose!

We're out of Fabergé eggs, but we do have these purpose built battery cases made by Efest. Perfect for 18650s, 18500s, 18350s - pretty much any of the 18mm diameter batteries not longer than 65mm ('18mm'+'65mm'+0=18650).

Happy Vaping!

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